What is Colostrum

What is Colostrum?

Life’s perfect first food, colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by all female mammals prior to giving birth.

Naturally rich in immune and growth factors, colostrum helps insure the health of the newborn. We all know newborns fare better when able to obtain colostrum through breastfeeding but did you know that people of all ages can benefit from taking colostrum? Colostrum has applications for every generation and it’s never too late to start receiving the benefits of life’s first food.

Since collecting human colostrum is unrealistic, the next best source is bovine (cow) colostrum as it is nearly identical to that of human’s. In fact, research proves bovine colostrum can enhance immune system function and support growth and repair in all mammals, including humans. In addition, cows produce an abundance of colostrum, more than enough to supply human needs without depriving newborn calves.

Historically, bovine colostrum has played a significant role in natural healing. In India, Ayurvedic physicians have prescribed it for thousands of years and still do to this day. In western medicine, bovine colostrum was used extensively for immune purposes prior to the invention of antibiotics and sulfa drugs. In fact, did you know that the Polio vaccine was developed from antibodies isolated from bovine colostrum?

Over the past few years, the scientific community has “rediscovered” this all natural immune and growth supporting food. Thousands of clinical and research studies have been published on the use of colostrum and its components to treat a variety of diseases and health concerns.