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I think Sequence colostrum is one of the best kept secrets out there.

**I’m a body builder and I was interested in the insulin-like growth factors in colostrum to help me put on some weight in muscle. Using the Sequence colostrum powder sublingually in conjunction with protein powder, I put on 15 lbs. of muscle in 2 weeks.

I’ve been training for about 15 years and I’ve never experienced this rate of muscle growth in my life! You can actually see the muscle growth---as my wife will attest to!

I think Sequence colostrum is one of the best kept secrets out there.
Posted By: John K., Toronto, ON

Thank you ... for giving people like me a new outlook on life!

**I was born with asthma and very bad allergies to dust, barn animals and the worst of all cats. These allergies took over my life. I ended up in the emergency almost once a month. I had chronic ear infections and colds. I also had very poor concentration in school, mainly because it took me at least a week to come back to life after I had encountered a cat. My lungs would close and I would struggle for breath as I would have all the other symptoms of allergies along with it.

My mother was always aware of natural remedies. Nothing ever seemed to work for me. My immune system was being knocked out once a month so how could it have ever repaired it's self. I stared to feel as if I would always be this sick person with dark rings under my eyes. I developed food allergies and skin problems. I also had a problem with Candida. I started to work at a health food store to better my health and to learn a bit more about how I could control my allergies but everything I tried was not working.

I had a chance to go to a seminar on Sequence Colostrum. At first I wasn't even sure what it was, but after the seminar I felt excited knowing that it has helped so many other people. That night before bed I had taken two lozenges and this was the first night in years that I was able to breathe through my nose as I slept! I woke up a new person. I thought if this can clear my sinuses in just two pills then what will it do for me over time.

I have gone through almost two bottles now and my life has changed in every way possible. I can now sleep with my mother’s cat lying beside me and I can eat food that normally would have given me terrible stomach aches. I also have no Candida problem, I feel totally full of energy and I have lost a lot of fat that my body wasn't able to process because my whole system was off. It also helped me through some hard and stressful times that normally I wouldn't have been able to cope with without getting really sick.

Thank you Sequence for helping people in their quest for optimal health and giving people like me a new outlook on life!
Posted By: Marci N., Nanaimo, BC

I would especially recommend Colostrum for a boost to the immune system.

**Our family has been taking Sequence Colostrum since the middle of September. During the flu season, we noticed a significant difference in recovery time when we took the Colostrum lozenges. Our energy level and ability to fight the symptoms increased. Sore throats were soothed and healed faster. I would especially recommend Colostrum for a boost to the immune system.
Posted By: Barbara T., White Rock, BC

I've noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level

**I have been taking Sequence colostrum lozenges for just one week and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level. As a working mother of three, I felt tired and drained all the time.

Since taking your colostrum, I have so much more energy I feel like I’m 10 years younger! I have to be careful not to take it too late at night because it keeps me up! I still can’t believe how well it works – thank you for this great product!
Posted By: Mary S., North Vancouver, BC

Colostrum has cured my stubborn cough!

**Colostrum has cured my stubborn cough! A few months ago, I started coughing really bad. At first I took a number of over the counter cough syrups but they didn’t work. Then I tried taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. Unfortunately, they didn’t work either. I work in retail sales and on the job, I was coughing so loudly and frequently it was embarrassing and scaring my customers off. One day, a customer told me about colostrum and how it had helped her overcome her illness. She specifically told me to buy the Sequence brand of colostrum because it was the most potent colostrum available on the market.

What did I have to lose, I thought—at this point I was desperate, having had this cough for over a month now. I bought a bottle of the Sequence colostrum lozenges and started by taking 3 lozenges a day. It was unbelievable—within 2 days, my cough was totally gone. Almost like magic, the colostrum lozenges had stopped my cough after I had been taking a number of different medicines over the past month with no improvement! Best of all, I like the fact that colostrum is not a drug but a natural food product that is safe with no side effects. I have been recommending your colostrum to all my friends! Thank you Sequence Health!
Posted By: Vicky Y., Vancouver, BC

After taking it for three days, the virus left me.

**I was suffering from a virus for more than two months. I had swollen glands, sore ears and a sore throat. My doctor prescribed all kinds of remedies, including anti-biotics. Nothing seemed to work. In desperation, I went to a vitamin and health store in Oakridge shopping centre and asked the clerk for help. She recommended Sequence colostrum. After taking it for three days, the virus left me. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

My son came down with the stomach flu, had diarrhea, nausea and couldn’t stop throwing up. I went to see him and brought Sequence colostrum for him. Within two days, the nausea stopped and the rest of the flu left him. He said that it was like a miracle. I now take it whenever I feel run down or expect to be in a crowd. I felt that I had to write to you, the manufacturers of this wonderful medicine and thank you.
Posted By: Toby N., Vancouver, BC

It’s turned back the clock!

**I’ve had a suppressed immune system for a number of years. I had candida when I was younger and I never quite overcame it. I discovered Sequence colostrum in the “Fat Wars” book and since using it, I find I’m healing faster (ie. cuts and bruises). After my routine dental visits, I used to have bleeding, raw gums. I put the colostrum powder on my gums and the bleeding stopped and my gums feel so healthy! I was amazed!

Since taking Sequence colostrum everyday, I’m brighter in my outlook, my eyes are wide open and I’m full of energy! Sequence Naturals colostrum has rebuilt my immune system! I feel like I’m in my early twenties! It’s turned back the clock!
Posted By: Sheila J., Brampton, ON

I’ve never coughed at night again

**I had developed asthma last March and since then I’ve taken all kinds of cortosteroids including a doctor’s prescription for a puffer to help me not gasp for air and to help reduce my non-stop coughing throughout the night. For three months I tried everything but nothing helped.

Finally in June, I began taking Sequence colostrum and it was like magic! The first time I took it, I slept though the night without coughing! So I continued to take it for about a week and I was totally cured! Since then, I’ve never coughed at night again and I don’t need a puffer anymore.

Now when I see people in the mall coughing like I did, I tell them to take colostrum; even total strangers! Sometimes I run into them after and they tell me I’ve saved their lives!
Posted By: Rebecca B., Vancouver, BC

I’m free of drugs and pain.

**In the early 90’s, I went through two bouts of cancer which left me with a poor immune system. Then I later developed PMR, a rare inflammatory auto-immune disease. Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the muscles, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and legs. I also developed rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve been taking Pretazone for six years and that didn’t work.

I was being weaned off of Pretazone when a friend told me about Sequence colostrum. Now I’ve been taking the capsules and lozenges for 4 ½ months and now I’m free of drugs and pain. My auto-immune problems have disappeared. It’s been a small miracle for me after taking Sequence colostrum. We all react differently to things but for me, the colostrum has been great!
Posted By: Christine E., Hamilton, ON

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