Product Overview

Sequence Health provides the most innovative, safe and healthy supplements to improve everyday life for our consumers. We search the globe for the most recent trends and access the latest scientific research to uncover issues that are most prevalent amongst adults and children...then we introduce products to meet those needs. Our goal is to enhance the lifestyle of each and every person who uses our products.

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At Sequence Health, we’re proud to bring you the only Canadian brand of genuine first milking bovine colostrum. Our premium quality colostrum comes from the finest organic dairies in North America: The small, family-run farm where every cow has a name and product quality presides over production quantity.

To ensure maximum potency, we only use colostrum from the very first milking, collected within the first six hours after birth. Furthermore, our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to keep our colostrum’s naturally occurring fats fully intact to ensure the highest possible levels of age-defying growth factors.
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Pure and exclusively cold processed cod liver oil Imported directly from Iceland, Sequence Health is proud to bring you Dropi - a revolutionary supplement to promote overall health at all ages.

Why Iceland? It's simple...
From history we learned the Vikings truly understood the benefits of ingesting cod liver oil on regular basis. It greatly improved their health and spirit. Using the old traditional methods of the Icelandic settlers, we are able to bring you a unique extra virgin cod liver oil from the ocean around Iceland. It is the purest source of this important nutritional supplement.
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Ageless System

Research has identified key cellular processes accelerate aging in the body. Sequence Ageless System has created a system of nutritional supplements that promote longevity. Yes, it is possible to age less! Featuring clinically proven ingredients, the Ageless System addresses the most concerning effects of aging: lack of energy, joint pain/inflammation, declining cognitive and eye health, as well as muscle loss/nutrient deficiency. Best taken as a complete system, adults of all ages can also use individual products in the system to age better.

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