Production of Colostrum

Production of Colostrum

Source and Collection

The source of colostrum is one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating different brands of colostrum. We encourage everyone to investigate fully the background of any colostrum product before administration.

At Sequence, our first milking colostrum is obtained only from the finest local, small family dairy herds in North America. Appropriate collection receptacles are supplied to the dairy producers for saving first milking colostrum from healthy cows. This must be the cows' third or subsequent lactation. We only use colostrum collected within the first six hours after birth.
Immediately after milking, the filled jugs are put in the producer's freezer and kept frozen until collection by a representative of our raw materials supplier, or in a few instances, delivered to the company plant by the producer. Colostrum must arrive at the company in a frozen state, unless freshly milked, where it is inspected by trained personnel and placed in a freezer and maintained at -5 degrees F +/- 5 degrees.

Our raw materials supplier has on file affidavits from each owner/operator of contributing dairy farms, stating that their animals have not and are not being fed restricted proteins as set out in 21 CFR 589.2000. Each container of colostrum harvested from these dairies has also been recorded as having come from cows not fed illegal feeds.



Processing of colostrum is the second most important factor in the quality of colostrum. Our raw materials supplier has developed its own means of processing colostrum and has an FDA approved proprietary pasteurization process that is more effective than standard pasteurization processes at maintaining biological activity. We also homogenize our product for uniformity.
First milking colostrum is naturally rich in fats, making up about 20-25% of total solids. Fats serve as the critical transporter (or surrogate) for the the powerful growth factor IGF-1. With the exception of our liquid, all our colostrum products have all naturally occurring fats intact for the greatest anti-aging benefits.

The drying or dessication process is another important factor in maintaining biological activity. Our powder-based products are spray dried at low temperatures by indirect heat using proprietary equipment and processes. We know the length of time in seconds our product is in the drying process and the exact temperature that it reaches in this process. Our first milking colostrum powder maintains virtually all of its original bioavailibility throughout the manufacturing process.


Finished Products

Finished products are exactly identified and stored at ambient temperature. Composite samples are evaluated for quality assurance and logged in permanent records. Sequel Natural’s genuine first milking bovine colostrum is produced using proprietary specifications and processes that assure the highest levels of biological activity, guaranteeing the greatest value for your dollar.


Quality Assurance

For your safety and peace of mind, all our colostrum products are made in GMP certified and/or FDA licensed facilities under the strictest of quality standards. Every batch of product is tested and certified to be free of any harmful pathogens by independent laboratories.


The quality of our products are endorsed by Dr. Richard Cockrum.

Dr. Cockrum

Endorsed by Dr. Cockrum