Importance of Oral Delivery

Importance of Oral Delivery

Using the proper delivery system is of great importance. The greatest benefits observed in scientific colostrum studies were achieved via oral delivery (absorption in the mouth). Colostrum absorbed in the oral cavity activates the entire body’s immune pathways to open to self-healing.

Because most infectious microorganisms enter the body through the nose or mouth, the oral cavity is specially designed with mucus membranes and salivary glands that secrete powerful immune components. The oral cavity is loaded with receptor sites which, when activated, alert the entire body through a complex chain reaction of immune system events. To maintain good health, it is critical that we are able to stop pathogens at their initial place of entrance and combat disease-causing organisms in the oral cavity before they travel further.

Examples of oral delivery include taking liquid under the tongue, slowly dissolving a lozenge or eating/drinking powder mixed with food/beverage. Swallowing capsules is not an ideal form of delivery as it bypasses the key oral receptor sites and misses the natural protease inhibitors, buffers, mucous secretions, hormones, enzyme, sensors and receptors. Essentially, it is delivered into the stomach without protection of any kind.

The gelatin capsule is then dissolved and the full effects of the stomach acid are applied to the colostrum components. It then is exposed to the rather basic bile salts in the duodenum and throughout the entire small intestine before it reaches the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) near our appendix, where the primary response of the capsule ingested colostrum comes about. Much of the colostrum components could now be altered or denatured, and dilute or render them less effective. To compensate, a much larger dose of colostrum would have to be consumed to produce the same effective results. A better alternative would be to open capsules and take the colostrum orally.

Lozenges, on the other hand, which are designed to be held inside the mouth for several minutes, are an ideal route for taking colostrum. Why? Because the oral cavity is the gate of entry into the body's communication network.

As a child, calf, foal, puppy or kitten nurses colostrum floods the oro-nasal pharyngeal cavity exposing the secretion to the many receptor sites. These receptor sights form a variety of communication pathways that distribute signals to various parts of the body. Part of the pharyngeal region contains lymphoid cells, tonsils, referred to as MALT, Mucosal Associated Lymphoid Tissue. This is the same type of tissue as the lymphoid tissue near the illio-cecal valve termed as GALT.

The great advantage of MALT over GALT is that MALT is present early on, before any digestive processes start to alter the colostral components as in GALT. MALT is also protected by many of the buffers, enzymes, mucous and other protective properies so secreted by glands in the oro-naso pharyngeal lamina propria.


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